Your property is considered a safe haven not only for you but for everyone you have given access to it. Anyone who has not been given the license to enter your property could be reminded (if it is someone or something that stepped into your premises by chance and is willing to take responsibility for trespassing). But anyone who steps into your property without permission and with a bad intention, should be reprimanded, even apprehended. This can only be done if anyone in the house gets alerted even before the intruder crosses your safe zone. And one of the devices that can help you with that is the best wireless driveway alarm.

Wireless Driveway Alarm

Nowadays, you can easily purchase several devices that can help enhance the security of your property and also keep you and your family safe. 

One of these devices is the wireless driveway alarm. You can have it installed to help monitor the driveway that normally leads straight to your house. And whatever type or design of such an alert system depends on the level of protection that you may want to have, your budget, as well as your personal preferences. 

And when it comes to options, there is a wide variety available in the market today. And this gives you the opportunity to choose one according to your personal requirements or preferences. However, the more advanced the system is, the higher the price tag would definitely be.

What is a wireless driveway alarm system?

A properly installed alarm system that detects motion makes it possible to monitor vehicular traffic that enters the driveway. A monitoring system such as this can be designed to work with radio alarms, lights, as well as any surveillance devices that are already working. The best among these systems is one that will require the least maintenance and is also easy to install.

This wireless driveway alert system is usually composed of two parts — the sensor and the radio receiver. The sensor is kept near the entrance and at a location that is not easily seen in the driveway. 

During installation, the distance between the receiver and the sensor needs to be as specified in the installation manual that comes with it. It should not go beyond the designated limits. If properly installed, whenever a moving object gets in the way of the beam of the sensor, a radio signal is sent to the receiver and activates the alarm.

One of the best wireless driveway alarm is one that is designed with a sensor that detects only metallic objects. That will not set the alarm ringing if an animal steps into the driveway. This type of alarm requires small batteries or solar power to function.

The motion sensor of these wireless driveway alarm systems is usually installed on the top of a building. This allows the alarm to work properly without any obstruction in its working range. Sensors can usually transmit alarm signals up to a distance of four hundred meters.

How to install a wireless driveway alarm system

Having a driveway alarm system will not stop vehicles from entering your driveway. It will  just warn you of an incoming vehicle. Its operation and utility are similar to those of the systems installed at fast-food drive-ins.

Wireless driveway alarm systems are easy to install and require only a few tools, including a hammer, a screwdriver, as well as a few batteries. The receiver should be placed where the alarm can easily be heard. Take note that the receiver is not waterproof and that you will have to connect it to a power source.

When buying a wireless driveway alarm, you may consider options with multiple tones. The alarm tone that you will set, which could be chimes, bells or short music, will be heard whenever any object crosses the field of the sensor.

A wireless driveway alarm system may also be connected to a security system that is already installed. Advanced alarm systems usually come with videos, lights, intercoms, and have wider coverage as it can be heard all over the property. 

Whenever its sensor is activated, these advanced driveway alarms can switch on the lights automatically. Such a feature provides additional security for the visitors.

With the best wireless driveway alarm system, you and your family can get some peace of mind that you can at least lessen the possibility of having intruders coming in and out of your property.